About Me

I'm Yakumono, aka LuigiBlood in most places on the Internet.

Welcome to my weird website.
This website is mostly for PCs in mind, mobile browsers won't really like the way this website was made.
There will be uses of modern JavaScript to some extent to facilitate the development of this website.

I'm a weird person who's into obscure Nintendo hardware.

I've done a lot of development on a bunch of gaming stuff like ROM Hacks/Modding, translations, text and graphics editors, viewers, binary dumpers, and open source emulators.
Done work in 6502/65816 and MIPS assembler, also Python for fast tooling as well as C# as my language of choice for faster work on bigger tooling, as well as C and C++ of course for more native apps like emulators.

I live and breathe video games, especially retro but I still love modern gaming, and am especially a fan of Nintendo games. That said I do not ignore other consoles, good games aren't just Nintendo games.
I have a fascination for obscure Nintendo hardware and software possibly beyond sane levels, and can just randomly datamine Nintendo games and apps, sometimes just to look if Nintendo has released new old ROMs on Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Online, for example.

Worked a lot on game preservation, especially Satellaview and 64DD which I currently focus on, but may also work on other things like the Game Processor.

Sometimes I make videos, streaming, art, music, but mostly I can touch whatever I feel like as my mind leads me.
I made an original character that represents me who's basically a weird mix of a wizard and robot... really just out of my own taste in character and costume design and style.