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...I dunno, just putting some random art here.

All of this can either be original content, or traced or edited based from other works. This stuff is differenciated.

I don't wanna pretend I am a real artist or anything, I just do a bunch of stuff of many kinds, it's purely mood based and I say as long as I had fun, it's worth it. Just don't be a scam, just admit where the base is from.

When it comes to Yakumono, my original character, you can find more Yakumono OC art here.

For more information on each image, you can click on any image to have additional details.


I made a font when I was making Yakumono, just for fun. 0123456789

Windows Paint

Pixel Art

Original Icons

Original Works

Traces & Edits

Admittedly, there's a lot of stuff based from Roll.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network art. I'm not gonna pretend otherwise, she just represents an ideal style that I just really like, but I definitely used to be very obsessive in a younger age. But when I look at these as I get reminded of my cringe moments from way back then, I still think they weren't terrible work overall. Mega Man Battle Network in general is really just a style I look up to a lot.

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